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Performance Analysis UK aims

Welcome to Performance Analysis UK

At Performance Analysis UK, we know that starting out in a career in Analysis is incredibly hard as there are only some courses available and there wasn't anybody inside of sport telling us what it would be like and what a typical role would entail. We want to give an opportunity for aspiring analysts to learn the real life of an analyst and how you can implement analysis within a club or sports setting. We aim to give workshops in areas of analysis to empower aspiring analysts and coaches to make informed decisions about their futures. 

We also aim to delivery quality articles and interview, to keep analysts and coaches up to date with the latest in all things analysis.

The winning formula that makes up Performance Analysis UK:

Education - We offer education to aspiring analysts to equip you with all you need to know.

Insight - We provide firsthand insight into what working as an analyst in a professional football club is like

Development - Our workshops are designed to help your development as an analyst into professional sport

Statistics - Find out about the important role statistics play in professional football

Video - Learn how to use video analysis effectively within sport

Interviews with Professionals
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