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Welcome to the Performance Analysis UK- Introduction to Analysis Course

We at Performance Analysis UK are proud to present our brand new PA UK Introduction to Analysis course. This gives over 2 hours worth of content and information about:


  • What is involved in every day analysis at a professional football club

  • Match-day Analysis

  • Post-Match Analysis

  • Training Analysis

  • Opposition Analysis

  • Recruitment Analysis 

  • Using data to support opinion

  • Positive and Negatives of a career in football 

  • CV and Networking advice

  • The most important part of this course is the information about what makes a good analyst and suggested ways of getting into professional football.


There will then be an assignment for the course that will be completed and sent to Course Tutor, Nick Gearing, to look at your work and provide feedback. This assignment is about improving you and your chances of employment. By the time the course finishes you will have an understanding of the running of analysis in a football club and be able to provide a personalised action plan for yourself of what will come next to be able to achieve exactly what you would like it. There is no time pressure on this course. Once you have access, you can work through the content at your own pace and submit the assignment when you feel ready.


On completion of the course you will receive a certificate for Performance Analysis UK to certify that you have completed the course and the attached assignment. Informed by education and assessment methods, we do not believe in a simple pass or fail. If your assignment is not up to the standard, do not worry as we will help to coach you to achieve that standard. You will then be signed off and certified when we believe that you are competent. This ensures the standard and integrity of the certificate. 

Course members will also receive regular emails of any available job and work experience opportunities, including some that are exclusive to Performance Analysis UK course members.

Emails about exclusive jobs and work experience opportunities


Includes short assignment

Includes a course certificate

Lifetime access to content

All of this is just £40! To sign up for the Introduction to Analysis Course: 


1. Pay the £40 fee here- 

2. Click on the 'start the course' button below and sign up to create a login.

3. You will then be granted lifetime access within 24 hours. Any questions or queries on access/payment, please email

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