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Jonathan Hope- Chelsea Academy Analyst

Jonathan Hope is currently a Performance Analyst at Chelsea Football Club within their academy. He lead the analysis for the under 9s and 10s. Whilst assisting with the under 23s, 18s, 16s and 15s. It involves a variety of roles including opposition analysis, set pieces, recruitment, pre and post match analysis. We caught up with Jonathan to chat about his career and thought on analysis.

PA UK: Tell us about your background and what has led you to this point....

JH: I went to St Marys university to study Physical Sport Education. During my final year, my dissertation tutor asked whether i would be interested in an internship at London Irish RFC. To be involved with a top flight rugby side was an incredible experience. This led to an opportunity with Chelsea football club where I have been for the last 2 seasons.

PA UK: Best moment in analysis?

JH: FA Youth Cup journey during the 19/20 season. Sadly interrupted due to the corona virus pandemic.

PA UK: Best player that you have worked with?

JH: At London Irish RFC i would have to go with Joe Cockasniga- now an England international. At Chelsea it would have to be Lewis Bate. A deep lying midfielder, who dictates the game. He has a really bright future ahead of him.

PA UK: What’s the ultimate goal for you and why?

JH: Short term goal is to keep establishing myself and hopefully in the long term i will get the opportunity to work within the first team.

PA UK: Are you more data or video heavy in your work and why are you more heavy on that area?

JH: In my current role I am very video heavy. Due to the age groups i work with visual reflection is vital in order for progression.

PA UK: How do you use data to affect performance? (I.e is there specific models, where does the data come from and does it have an affect on your club)

JH: Specifically through my role not so much. Specifically a centre half could have a 10/10 pass success rate but where have those passes gone? We use that number as a grounding but use the visual representation to then explain performance.

PA UK: Do you think Academies utilise analytics to its potential?

JH: You can only utilise what you have at your disposal to the best of your ability. The top clubs will always have an advantage in this case due to financial resource.

PA UK: What tool has the biggest impact on your job?

JH: Sports Code, Coach Paint and Hudl. So important for the use of reflection, having that link between analysts and coaches

PA UK: What advice would you give someone that wants a job in the industry?

JH: If at university, utilies your lecturers contacts and resources. Build connections and always put yourself out there, even if it means taking voluntary roles to get a foot on the ladder.

If you are interested in working in football or know more about what the life of an analyst involves, take a look at our Introduction to Analysis Course here!


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