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Scout Report- Sergio Santos

FIXTURE: Columbus Crew v Philadelphia Union

DATE: 01.11.2020

PLAYER: Sergio Santos

CLUB: Philadelphia Union

AGE: 26

HEIGHT: 6’ 0’’





· His 1st touch is very good.

· Can be goal threat, missed big opportunity with a header, that would have disappointed him, but he is gets into the position to create these chances.

· I would like to see him dribble and try beat the man more, only did this once when he was on the field, but it was a successful dribble.

· Won half of his aerial duals, he is a genuine presence up top.

· He likes to break in behind the defenders and this was shown when he won the penalty.


· The type of forward he is a in behind forward.

· Decision making very good, does not take pot shots, like the play it safe and passes when he thinks that is the better option.

· Timing of his runs are excellent, can play on the last defender, was not offside throughout his time on the field.

· Reading the game/intelligence is also excellent finds space very easily to create chances, does not always get the ball but he finds the space.

· Makes himself available to receive the ball.

· Tracks back too.

· 76.5% pass accuracy is something maybe he can improve on.


· Work rate was super, won 5 of his ground duals out of 8, will track back, fouled three times throughout the game, one which resulted in a penalty.

· Composure Infront of goal for his big chance was poor, but 5 goals in his last 8 games indicates he is cool under pressure.

· Does not seem like a talker on the pitch but his runs to receive the ball and in behind indicates he likes to do his talking on the pitch.

· Will work just as hard when his team are winning or losing, this was proving when he won his penalty when his team were 1-0 down


· Sergio Santos, throughout his time on the pitch showed athleticism, running power, pace, and balance

· He is strong in duals.

· He can stretch defenders with his pace.

· Very good balance shown on the ball for a big man.


· 7/10 Notably Good performance


I can see Sergio Santos fit into a League 1 Club in England or Championship side in Scotland

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