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Introduction to Analysis Course Feedback

"I think you have done a great job putting together an introductory course. I would have loved to have something like this available to me when I started doing analysis. Even after years of working in analysis I was still able to pick out new things and ideas I will be looking to implement in my daily work."

Eric Laurie- USA National Team Analyst, former Coach and Analyst at Molde FK

"It gave great insight into the industry with an interesting course assignment which I haven't seen much before. Definitely made me think and reflect on my learning!
Additionally, an amazing benefit of completing this course is getting exclusive opportunities at various clubs like myself who got an internship at Cambridge United FC which I am thoroughly enjoying!"

Andris Altsaar- Coach Analyst at Cambridge United Football Club

“This week I have been keeping myself busy by taking part in a course called Introduction to Analysis by Performance Analysis UK. The course involved content about all the different types of analysis from Match-day to Recruitment analysis. More content was provided on what's involved in a days work for an analyst at a professional club and most importantly, the course gave me a significantly better understanding on what is required to be a successful analyst. 

I would like to thank Nick Gearing, as he provided me with top class feedback throughout the week, especially on the assignment I needed to complete to pass the course. I would highly recommend this course for people who want to develop a better understanding on the subject of football analysis!”

Adam Keep- Performance Analysis Intern, Watford Football Club

“Completed Nick Gearing's Introduction to Analysis Course. Would fully recommend to any interested in performance analysis in football, some great content.”

Matthew Loades- U16 Performance Analyst, Portsmouth Football Club

"I have recently completed the Introduction to Analysis Course created by Nick Gearing of Performance Analysis UK. I would highly recommend any aspiring analyst to undertake this course, it provides an excellent understanding of a wide variety of disciplines within the analysis sector in professional football. Thank you Nick for all your help and feedback during this course."

Michael Harvey- Academy Performance Analysts, Notts County Football Club

"Just completed the Performance Analysis UK online analysis course. The insights from the course by Nick Gearing provide some brilliant tips and tricks about the performance analysis industry. The information I have learnt I will now be able to put into practice at my current analyst role with AFC Wimbledon."

Kieran Eland- Lead Foundation Phase Analyst, AFC Wimbledon 

"During lockdown I decided to up skill and expand my knowledge of the game. I enrolled onto the Introduction to Analysis course by Performance Analysis UK and I’m delighted to have completed the course. It’s gave me a fantastic insight into the role of an analyst, while also highlighting the skills and qualities needed to succeed. Nick provided me with some great feedback, not only on the assignment it’s self but also on how to improve my CV."

Connor Gazzard- First Team Physical Performance Intern at Huddersfield Town FC 

"Pleased to announce I've completed the Introduction to Analysis Course. This is a really interesting and insightful course, I recommend this to anyone who wants to gain a career in performance analysis. I even gained a role in professional football from one of the exclusive emails for course members."

Xavier Barthlet- Coach Analyst at Cambridge United Football Club

"Happy to have completed the Performance Analysis UK course, looking forward to putting this into practise with Bromley FC this coming season. I would recommend to anyone interested in analysis, you will learn about the different areas in Performance Analysis and ways to pursue a career in sport."

Liam Read- Assistant 1st Team Performance Analysts, Bromley Football Club

"Delighted to have completed the Performance Analysis UK course which has helped prepare me for my role with Welling United Football Club. I would definitely recommend for any aspiring analysts, coaches and students where you will learn about what to expect when working as an analyst, the different areas of analysis available, and ways to get your foot through the door to hopefully achieve a career in professional sport. Thank you Nick Gearing for putting this on."

De Neiro Queva- Lead Academy Performance Analysts and Academy Coach, Welling United Football Club

"The course provided me with an in depth understanding of different disciplines within analysis and how they all utilise different skills. As well as this, Nick Gearing provided me with high quality feedback for an assignment which is required to pass the course, as well as offering to look through my CV and suggesting improvements to make myself more appealing when applying for roles in the future. Real quality course, taught by a industry professional, definitely recommend the Performance Analysis UK course for any aspiring analysts or individuals who want to gain more knowledge! Next on the list... the iSport Level 1 course!"

Hubert Wejnerowski- Performance Analyst, Edgeware Town Football Club

"Very excited to say that I have completed the "Performance Analysis UK - Introduction to Analysis Course offered by Performance Analysis UK, last week. Although I had my exams while doing this course, it was so interesting that it got me glued up to the screen. I learnt not just about analytics, but also about the life of an analyst, what are his day to day duties are, the pros and cons etc. The examples and videos at the end of a few sessions were really impressive. 

Nick Gearing(Video Recruitment consultant at Brentford FC, UEFA B coach, and the instructor of this course) helps you in building your perfect resume and guides you perfectly throughout the course and after. I would like to thank Nick for creating and running such a wonderful course online. I would completely recommend it to anyone who is dreaming to get into the football industry as an analyst.

Well structured and it had very good content. Loved the part where you showed videos on "analysis during a match" and it was very helpful....Overall, very good course and worth every penny.”

Sathish Prasad- Data Analyst

“Just wanted to thank you for such an amazing course. For the past week I have been working through the Introduction To Performance Analysis course and it has been so gripping, informative and overall amazing.

I can see the amount of time you have taken to produce this course and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get into performance analysis. I was at a loose end with regards to finding out about performance analysis so this course has really given me the foundations to build on. 

Overall I am really pleased and finally have been given better insight into the performance analysis industry. Anyone looking to get into or learn about performance analysis should sign up to this course as it's well worth the money.”

Dylan Vaghela- Performance Analysis Student

“It was a really helpful and informative insight into life as a performance analyst. I think it’s one thing knowing about performance analysis but another being able to hear and see how it works behind the scenes from an expert like Nick. For what you learn, and for the opportunities it seems you provide with networking, it’s a no brainer for any aspiring analysts like myself”

Harvey Smith- Performance Analysis Student

"Thank you to Nick Gearing at Performance Analysis UK for a brilliant course. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in starting a career in performance analysis in football"

Max Sweeney- Opposition Analyst, Wealdstone Football Club

"Delighted to completed the Introduction to Analysis course through Performance Analysis UK. A really insightful course that opened my eyes to a lot of concepts and aspects of analysis I have never really thought about before. Massive thanks to Nick Gearing for the course and the advice, this is a course I would highly recommend."

Thomas Bond- First Team Performance Analyst, Frome Town Football Club

“Delighted to have finished Performance Analysis UK course with Nick Gearing. An excellent and informative course for anyone looking to start a career as a performance analyst in professional football. Lots of detailed accounts of what a performance analyst does in football. The course has helped me increase my skills while having recently graduated university and helped to enhance my CV.”

Gareth Rainey- Performance Analysis Student

“Over lockdown I am trying to expand my skill set and enhance my presence online, ready for job hunting post university. Nick has made a brilliant course highlighting the skills and qualities needed to be a good analyst as well what jobs the role requires. Nick has also helped me by featuring my writing and analysis on his site which hosts some great interviews and other insightful articles. The CV and placement aids have been the most help for me. Would definitely recommend the course to anyone aspiring to be an analyst.”

Taylor Christopher- Performance Analysis Student

"Recently finished the introductory course set-up by Nick Gearing on performance analysis. This course by Nick Gearing is top-notch and gives us a beautiful presentation and details about working as an analyst at a professional club. I would definitely recommend it for someone who is interested in pursuing a career in performance analysis and hope to enrol in some new courses delivered by Nick"

Rishickesh Ramesh- Scandanvian Leagues Analyst

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I can tell you have work hard to craft the course based on your experiences in the trade. I would recommend the course to anyone, and I wouldn’t mind advertising my experience on social media.  

My favourite part of the course was the personal touch you provided: the pros and cons you don’t see on surface level. Other than that, I appreciated that it was very informative. Everything you provided was very useful.”

Jameson Hogg- Performance Analyst

“After a few days of sitting down and working hard I am pleased to say I’ve passed my course in the Introduction to analysis with Performance Analysis UK. I’d like to thank Nick Gearing for helping throughout this course and help me develop my knowledge within football analysing. I would highly recommend using this course as it’s given me a lot of information on how to go about my career.”

Tiernan Davies- Performance Analysis Student

“Thanks to Nick Gearing at Performance Analysis UK for the release of a new course. Great to see a course delivered with honesty and real life experience references from his time at Leyton Orient and with his current employer Brentford.”

Adam Swinney- First Team Performance Analyst

“Football is my passion. I have taken a step towards getting to it by completing on an Introduction to performance analysis course.
The course is economical, well-arranged, readable and thought provoking. For me, the best part of the course was the assignment where I got to express myself and be creative!
I won't spill too much, but you can get in touch with Nick Gearing for more information on the course!”

Praveen Ravichandran- Business Analyst & Aspiring Football Analyst

“Completed the Performance Analysis course from Nick Gearing, a great way to spend time hearing about the different types of analysis in football - and Nick’s own experiences.”

Daniel Besley- Aspiring Performance Analyst

“Thanks to Nick Gearing and Performance Analysis UK, great content and information on performance analysis within the professional game. Looking forward to future courses”

Alan Goggs- Assistant Women's Soccer Coach at Northeastern University

"Very happy to receive my certificate from Performance Analysis UK - Introduction to Analysis Course. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed this course and it give me real insight of the role of a Football Analysis and areas I would need to develop to support myself going in to this environment in the near future."
Michael Jackson- Football Mindz

"Delighted to say that I have completed the Introduction to Analysis Course by Performance Analysis UK. The course has taught me about a range of aspects of analysis in the sports industry including training, opposition and recruitment analysis, the day to day work of an analyst and what look for in sports performance. I now have a more expansive knowledge on Sports Performance Analysis and look forward to applying this to any future endeavours. Thank you to Nick Gearing for setting up the course."

Jordan Nathan- Performance Analyst Intern at LA Analysis

"Thank you to Nick Gearing & Performance Analysis UK for putting on your course it has been a great help in understanding how Analysis is used in the professional game and how it can have a positive affect on the future outcome of performance"

Scott Gibson- Football Scout

"As someone intrigued by Performance Analysis in football, I have found this course an extremely motivating, practical and honest account of the possible positions of work in the industry. Nick is a very attentive course leader, and he offers generous insight into his own experience in football and practical advice on how you can progress to take your first steps into the industry. This course is an affordable and time efficient first step for anyone interested in the role analysis plays in football"

James Radford- Head Coach at Sheffield Union FC

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